"To become world class engineering, manufacturing and Construction Company operating internationally”

In the current global and competitive business scenario managing growth is a strategic imperative. Major Infrastructure and core sector investment in the Middle East and Asia will continue to drive the world economies. The professional EPC contractors supported by the equipment suppliers will greatly benefit from this business opportunity. For sustainable growth sometimes the core competence is important and sometimes the diversification strategy is appropriate. Formulating and implementing a growth vision is the key to any successful enterprise.

There is a proven process for growth. There is also a proven process for no growth. The no growth process is common with so many things that do not work, is so much easier than growth. We all know the process of “no growth”.

We at TI believe that the process of growth is entirely different. It begins with the management’s vision of a market that can be grown, of the values that will grow it, and a definition of a mission that will add growth values to the market.

We understand that no business can grow itself. Only the market can grow a business because only the market has the financial muscle power. That is why the growth of customers is the supreme management commitment.

Growing customers is different from growing our own lines of businesses or increasing the shareholder value, EVA —all traditional objectives. It has nothing to do with achieving a sustained competitive excellence. We believe it has to do with one dedication and one dedication alone, growing customers who in turn will grow us.

Growth is not the result of finding customers we can vend to, customers who will buy from us in volume at competitive prices adulterated with discounts. We are not in search of markets we can sell to. We are looking for customers we can form growth partnerships, win-win relationships in which both of us grow.

It is imperative that we position ourselves as growers than product suppliers, as growth experts rather than expert manufacturers or marketers. As a company whose foremost focus is on the customer and how to improve his profit contribution besides than our own operations.

We are not obsessed with benchmarking ourselves with the number one or number two players in the industry, our sole satisfaction comes from being the Numero Uno in the eyes of our customers. We believe that customer growth is the eternal quest any ambitious enterprise must pursue relentlessly.

We at TI are convinced that “Growth is based on customer enrichment”. By enriching our customers, we differentiate them. We facilitate the customer wealth creation process that enhances their leadership position and makes them stand out from their competitors. In the process we brand ourselves as different, too.

Surely, If we understand this alchemy, we hold in our hand’s the key to our growth and our destiny.

Arun Goudar
General Manager
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